Our Mission at Black Christian Book Promo, is to promote relevant Christian books to the African-American Christian community, the African-American secular community, as well as bookstores, libraries, and media outlets across the nation and around the world. We exist to give wide exposure to Christian books by and for African-American people, as well as other books that give relevant information to the African-American Christian community.

Also, BCBP realizes that Christian books are published to continue to sell throughout time and not just for a six month selling season, which is the philosophy of many in the book trade. It is our opinion that many eternally valuable books get lost in the rush of the publishing industry. Black Christian Book Promo believes that if God laid on your heart to write a book, based on His Word, for the salvation and encouragement of His people, that that book should continue to be made available and should continue to sell.

We believe that a good book is published to be read year after year. That is why we are here to serve you. We focus a large part of our e-mail campaigns to churches and church people, because that is where the Christians are. And it is our aim to get Christians out of the church and into the bookstores to buy your book. It is also our experience (and we know this sounds like a cliche, but it is so true), that the way books become bestsellers is by “word-of-mouth” and by people recommending and giving your book to others.

Black Christian Book Promo will e-blast your promo to thousands of e-mails of pastors, church leaders, bookstores, libraries, newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, magazines, media outlets, and many Christians and non-Christians who would be interested in your product. This is not just an e-blast, this is a relentless publicity campaign.