Getting Started

Black Christian Book Promo’s Unprecedented “Alpha & Omega Comprehensive System”

The BCBP Alpha & Omega System is not used by any other e-blast service. We use the phrase “Alpha & Omega” because this is a beginning to end e-blast program, and it is in keeping with our relentless approach to book promotion. The Alpha & Omega System includes:

1. We build a custom-designed, content-driven e-blast (two to choose from) which will include the introduction, or an excerpt from the introduction, and/or the back cover matter of the book in the promo. It will be sent out to thousands of unique contacts. This e-mail list consists of mostly pastors, church leaders, bookstores, libraries, newspapers, magazines, radio stations, and TV stations, etc.

2. BCBP will use three separate agencies to get the word out about the product, besides BCBP. The five separate agencies are:

  • Black Christian News Network
  • Vision Public Relations Group
  • Urban Christian News

3. We will also do a custom-made “Branding Blog” for each new book and author.

4. We will have a major press release written and distributed to all of our media contacts across the nation and in foreign countries.

5. Automatic placement on the BCBP Book List, which goes out each weekend.

6. A book review will be placed on

7. A one-page web presence will be made on our BCBP website for the book and will remain there permanently.

8. Prayer. We pray for each ministry that we represent and for each e-blast, website, or blog that we build that God would bless it and anoint it and that favor would be continuously shown to the author; that souls would be saved; and that lives would be changed for the glory of God.

Here are Some Other Benefits of Black Christian Book Promo

By choosing to do a promo campaign with BCBP, you not only expose your book to thousands of people who may not otherwise hear about it, but you expand your opportunities for press coverage and potential sales. Here are some other benefits of Black Christian Book Promo:

  • Puts your book directly in front of your target audience.
  • Not only do we send your promo out to individuals and churches, but we send it to newspapers, TV media outlets, publishers, distributors, magazine editors, book clubs, book reviewers, libraries, bookstores, book buyers, and many other publishing and publicity industry specialists.
  • By doing online marketing, you give the potential buyer the opportunity to buy your book NOW.
  • Our e-mail list is constantly increasing, so every time you order a promo, you will reach more people.
  • BCBP helps to create the best kind of advertising — “word-of-mouth”.
  • Immediately creates interest in your book.
  • BCBP does all the e-mail promotion work for you.
  • Helps to drive demand in stores and on online retail stores for your book.
  • You can develop a following through our constant BCBP contacts.
  • BCBP only promotes Godly material that even your children can read.
  • Keeps you and your book on the minds of the average consumer.

Our Qualifications

  • Ministry Experience: 32 years
  • Book Promo Experience: 15 years
  • Internet Experience: 11 years

What We Promote

  • Christian Books by and for the African-American community and books by others that are targeting the African-American community (before publication, new releases, and backlisted)
  • Christian DVDs and Movies
  • Christian Audio Books
  • Author Appearances, book signings and tours
  • Christian Book Clubs
  • Christian Author News